Immediate messenger for LAN from Softros Methods

Softros LAN Messenger is an easy-to-use LAN message program for secure, secure and powerful intra-office communication. It does not demand a server to run and is quite simple to install. Softros LAN IM includes a selection of useful characteristics such as for instance PC-to-PC messaging, class LAN chat rooms, transmitted message to quickly advise selected individuals or organizations about an occasion, and also drag-and-drop file transfer to switch documents and versions between staff members. All communications and files changed by the users are firmly protected and never go outside your neighborhood organization network, which guarantees that number unauthorized person can actually read your personal communication or entry your sensitive and painful data.


The Softros LAN talk computer software encrypts all data with AES-256 and operates purely within your business network. This enables your employees to properly trade communications and files, while discouraging them from speaking with persons beyond your organization. Additionally, it preserves your Internet bandwidth and decreases the amount of opened firewall ports that may end up in outside hacker attacks and IM worms.The quick messenger from Softros features a really user-friendly software and needs no additional training. All you need to accomplish is install and work it on each network computer. Consumers themselves can simply change the program without seeking help from the IT staff.


You don't require to create and keep a separate message server – our IM software is just a stand-alone peer-to-peer centered application.Individual and Class ConversationsExchange communications with only one or multiple people at exactly the same time.

Group MessagingNotify individual users or full individual communities about an occasion by giving out a transmitted message.

Offline MessagingSend communications to people even when they are offline. Traditional messages are obtained when the users keep coming back online. Number machine or focused storage is required for this.


Quickly exchange papers along with your colleagues. Only drag and decline a file or directory on the recipient's icon in an individual number or on the discussion you are having with them.Arrange your co-workers in teams by department or job title. In addition you could add people to numerous groups at the exact same time.Request rural guidance applying LAN Messenger, and the colleague on another end will securely hook up to your desktop to help you arrange Windows, install a software, or resolve a technical issue.Keep monitoring of your messages by saving them domestically or to a system share. View, search through and printing out your correspondence with other employees utilising the built-in Record Viewer.

Final Companies Support


Full help of Microsoft and Citrix Final Services conditions (including the RemoteApp and XenApp request virtualization technologies).Softros Intranet Messenger effortlessly operates in a appropriately create domain controller atmosphere with Effective Directory. Consumers'full titles recovered from Active Directory are exhibited in an individual list, while their SIDs are useful for identification applications within the program.Enhanced functionality of the Sofros local talk application allows you to url your business places or subnets in to a single messaging environment. Just connect your subnets physically, virtually or with a VPN and then change the program by talking about our comprehensive help system.In a domain operator environment, deploying the Softros messaging pc software, their certificate and adjustments across the network may be simply done through Class Policy.


In case your company does not have a domain operator with Effective Directory, Softros LAN Messenger lets you automate distribution of its options (network settings, consumer teams, certificate record, administrative restrictions) applying particular integrated features.Administrators can precisely restrict access to many top features of the Softros connection software.

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